About Megane Production Center, Fukui, Sabae

Fukui Prefecture, The Production Center for the World’s Eyewear

World Class (Made In Japan) Quality.

Fukui Prefecture produces over 90% of Japan’s glasses frames, and produces quality brand name eyewear for export across the world.

Fukui Prefecture’s long cold winters left the region snowbound, meaning farming and agriculture was difficult to pursue, and left the farmers without income for a large portion of the year. To improve the lives of the locals, Masunaga Gozaemon brought glasses craftsmen from Osaka to Asouzu Village in Asuwagun (Modern-day Fukui City, Shono-Cho) and taught the locals how to make glasses frames during the cold winter months. From here, our history began.

Glasses frame production commenced in 1905, with various parts being hand crafted in various areas across town before being assembled, in effect, making the town itself one large glasses factory.

The end of WWII saw an increase in demand for eyewear and many changes in frame design, including celluloid frames and sunglasses, and the birth of many famed name brands.

In 1981, the world’s first lightweight and durable titanium frames were developed and produced, enhancing the areas reputation, and making it one of the top three eyewear manufacturing regions alongside Italy and China.

In recent years the regions’ glasses frame technology and craftsmanship has widened to include production of quality titanium surgical equipment and electrical components.