Special Speeches

Keynote Speech, Lecturer Schedule Change and Apology.

The scheduled keynote speaker was to be the former Vice President of Hermes International, and Scenery International Representative, Mr. Mineaki Saito, however due to circumstances beyond our control, Mr. Saito has had to cancel his talk.
In his place, we are proud to present former Editor-in-Chief of LEON Magazine, current Chief Editor of Premium Japan, Mr. Kaoru Saionji.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience in the change of schedule, and trust you will enjoy our replacement guest speaker.

Friday, May 27

Pre-registration Required【Limited to first 100 people】

1 - 2pm Keynote Speech

Japan’s Manufacturing, Seen From a Media Viewpoint

Mr. Kaoru Saionji

Chief Editor of Premium Japan magazine
(former Editor-in-Chief of LEON magazine)

Mr. Kaoru Saionji's Profile
Born in 1960, Kaoru Saionji was formerly Editor-in-Chief of LEON magazine, and the website, Web LEON. He has been involved in product development, and branding, within the lifestyle sector, including the Japan launch of foreign brands to high acclaim. He has a deep knowledge and appreciation of Japanese traditional arts and crafts, and the life work of traditional craftsmen and their workshops. Taking advent of his experience and knowledge, he has established a new company, CURATION JAPAN, to convey the splendor and charm of Made In Japan products to the world. Mr. Saionji serves as the Editor-in-Chief, and Executive Curator of web site, PREMIUM-J (Premium-Japan).
Mr. Masaki Sato's Profile
Sato Seni Co. Ltd, fourth generation president, yarn creator / designer. After completing studies In Tokyo and a number of years experience in the apparel trade, Mr. Sato returned to Yamagata in 1992, before being appointed company president and CEO in 2005. Mr. Sato regularly communicates with, and visits farms across the world in his continued search for raw materials. The original yarn created from these raw materials, such as mohair yarn, is said to be among the world’s finest. His companies’ many original complex textile based products are created from a variety of yarns.
・Sato Seni Co.Ltd
Founded by Chonosuke Sato in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture in 1932. At the time, neighboring farmers were commissioned to breed sheep, and the wool was then spun by hand. The company currently carries out industrial spun yarn production, the planning of products, production and sales projects.

2:10 - 3:10pm Commemorative Lecture

Establishing local brands as global brands, sending MADE IN JAPAN to the world, Sato Seni

Mr. Masaki Sato

(Sato Seni Co. Ltd, fourth generation president)

3:30 – 5pm Panel Discussion

How to produce a locally created brand and bring it to national and international level

  • Mr. Kaoru Saionji (Chief Editor of Premium Japan magazine (former Editor-in-Chief of LEON magazine))
  • Mr. Masaki Sato (Sato Seni President)
  • Mr. Issei Kitagawa (GRAPH President and CEO)
  • Mr. Ichiro Kuroda (Chairman of the Fukui Optical Association)